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Global Press team members are journalists, editors, educators and international development professionals. Together, we are driving extraordinary change in the field of journalism.

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Global Press seeks to simultaneously disrupt inequality in the newsroom and in the representation of the people and places we cover. Our team of female reporters come from diverse educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. They represent different races, religions, tribes, castes and generations, which enables them to cover their similarly-diverse communities with knowledge and nuance.

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Global Press Leadership

Cristi Hegranes
Chief Executive Officer & Publisher
Laxmi Parthasarathy
Chief Operating Officer

Global Press Journal

Katie Myrick
Creative Director
Jessica Meyers
Terry Aguayo
Standards Editor
Stephen Buckley
Lead Editor
Austin Bachand
Visuals Editor
Lucia Priselac
Newsroom Manager
Sia Choi
Visuals Intern

Global Press Institute & Global Press News Service

Sam Nesfield
Program Manager
Manori Wijesekera
Regional Program Manager, Asia
Lucila Pellettieri
Journalism Trainer, Americas
Munkhchimeg Davaasharav (Muugii)
Journalism Trainer, Mongolia
Mareike Günsche
Photojournalism Trainer
Christian EscobarMora
Photojournalism Trainer
Rim Chaif
Research Fellow

Global Press Board