Beth Salyers

Beth Salyers is an instructional designer. Her company, Off The Beaten Path, has the honor of designing internal and external trainings, workshops and various learning experiences for and with Global Press. Founded in 2018, Off The Beaten Path allows Beth to build a team of phenomenal educators, instructional designers and creatives who are dedicated to empowering people to live their best lives through meaningful learning experiences.

Trained as a classroom teacher, Beth taught English language arts in North Carolina for seven years before pursuing her doctorate in curriculum & instruction. She was frustrated with the misalignment between the promise of education and the reality experienced by her students (and herself as both a student and a teacher). Within the urban education strand of her PhD program, Beth focused on lived experiences within the structures of teaching and learning, and how agency (both personal and collective) is identified, created, sustained and compromised.

After a couple of years of coaching first-year (often unlicensed) teachers in high-need schools, she began helping small businesses and nonprofits create authentic learning experiences that increased capacity, buy-in and transferred abstract concepts and values into practical, lived experiences.

After working with several humanity-centered leaders, Beth identified alignment between the work of these clients and her passion of figuring out how to build learning experiences that structurally align to their mission, resonate with their values and authentically position content.

Global Press’ trainings are built upon the core values of dignity, diversity, transparency and excellence. The framework’s custom design is based in agency-building, utilizing inquiry, storytelling, limit-situations and reflection to build capacity, efficacy and community.

Beth earned her Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte, her M.S. at North Carolina State and her B.A. at UNC Greensboro. She currently resides in western Ohio, where her partner can grow hops and drive a tractor whenever he wants to.