Laura K. Lee Dellinger

Laura is the President of Metropolitan Group, a social change agency that crafts strategy and creative to build a more just and sustainable world. She joined the firm in 1996, serving a variety of roles including as leader of MG’s strategic communication and organizational development practices for more than a decade.

Laura is sought for her sensitivity to the individuals and environments in which she works, and her incisive problem solving skills. She believes deeply in the power of voice – it is this belief that fuels her passion for Global Press. She has developed community engagement strategies that empower individuals and communities as stakeholders in developing and implementing solutions to public health, environmental, child welfare, education, civil and human rights, education, literacy and other social justice challenges. Her portfolio includes campaigns that shift social norms on a variety of issues, including disease prevention and screening, water conservation, literacy, civil rights protections, and dental, mental and physical health.

Laura is a resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband Dirk, and their feline children: Midnight and Sugar (the girls). She earned her B.S. from Oregon State University where she also spent 3 years in post-baccalaureate study in first amendment issues and the rhetoric of social movements. She is co-author of Metropolitan Group’s Public Will Building Framework; of “Increasing Relevance, Relationships and Results: Principles & Practices for Effective Multicultural Communication”; and “Successful Advocacy: A Values-based Approach to Social Purpose Advocacy.” She has written and published numerous other articles.