Rim Chaif

Rim Chaif joined Global Press Journal in 2019 as an Editorial Fellow. Rim is an investigative journalist with six years of experience at different international media outlets and in the nonprofit sector. She earned her Masters degree in Institutional Journalism from The National School of Journalism and Information Science in Algiers, Algeria.

In 2014, Rim joined Hivos as an Internet Policy Analyst for the Internet Governance in the Middle East and North Africa (IGMENA) project. In this role, she conducted research and wrote blog reports about digital rights, including online privacy and data protection. Additionally, she has participated as a speaker and coach in many international and local events. Rim is a Women’s Rights Advocate at Jeem, a project which sheds light on women’s rights violations in the Arab world. She has written many stories and reports describing the situation of Algerian women. Rim has also volunteered as a Communication and Social Media Manager at Crossing Borders (CB), an international organization based in Denmark, where she gained experience in project management, website content management, social media strategy and magazine editing. She produced CB Magazine (Voices of the Move), collecting and editing human-interest stories about migrants and refugees and their challenges in integration in the new society.

Rim’s goal is to direct the world’s attention to unlisted and uncovered stories and events, especially unrepresented communities and minorities. She believes in the power of words as a change factor.