Sandra Lafuente

Sandra is the Lead Journalism Trainer for Global Press Institute in the Americas. She is an independent journalist, born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela where she served most of her long career as a journalist.

Sandra began working as a journalist in 1993 at a small national newspaper and continued working in print at Venezuelan publications. She has contributed to many prominent magazines in Latin America and has also worked as a producer, fixer and stringer for correspondents and international news bureaus in Venezuela.

In 2006, Sandra co-founded Revista Marcapasos, a narrative journalism magazine where she worked as a Managing Editor. Here, she sharpened her ability to coach, mentor and edit reporters. This role helped her understand the entire magazine publishing process.

In Caracas, Sandra taught an Investigative Journalism Diploma at the Metropolitan University in Caracas, sponsored by Ipys-Venezuela and also conducted narrative journalism workshops.

More recently, Sandra has worked as a mentor and editor for Venezuela’s Armando-Info with Latin American reporters. She continues to work as a freelance writer and a translator.

A dedicated yoga practitioner and a contemporary dance apprentice, Sandra is currently living in Barcelona with her husband, mother and elderly dog.