Careers at Global Press

Great journalism starts with great journalism jobs.

Global Press is an innovative and ethical media company that has been growing at a steady and sustainable pace for the last 13 years. We seek out diverse team members who are equally committed to journalistic tradition and journalistic innovation. We employ discipline, generosity and humor in our daily work in order to operate a one-of-a-kind editorial structure designed to transform international news. 

All Global Press employees earn strong wages and receive exceptional benefits and ongoing professional development.

Open Positions

Associate Editor
We are looking for an early career editor with excellent line editing skills to collaborate with our global team.
Journalism Trainer, Sierra Leone
Global Press Institute is looking for a strategic, organized, proactive journalism educator to train the next generation of journalists in Sierra Leone.
Journalism Trainer, Nepal
Global Press Institute is looking for a strategic, organized, proactive journalism educator to train the next generation of journalists in Nepal.
Aprendiz de reportera, México
El Global Press Institute organiza un programa de entrenamiento de 16 semanas en algunos países. El programa de entrenamiento para el empleo es la única manera de convertirse en reportera del Global Press Journal.os países. Todas las aprendices que se gradúen del Global Press Institute tendrán empleo de tiempo completo o de medio tiempo en Global Press Journal, la galardonada publicación de Global Press.
Research Intern
The Research Intern will work directly with the Researcher to build an extensive archive of research materials and to assist with answering the day-to-day research questions.

Global press    Accuracy network

We are committed to accurate, authentic journalism.

We are expanding the Global Press Accuracy Network (GPAN). The network supports our global team of reporters and editors in producing high-quality, accurate, ethical and locally-sourced news. The GPAN consists of copy editors, fact checkers, translators and multimedia experts.

English Language Fact Checkers
Global Press fact checkers are essential to Global Press’ mission to produce accurate, ethical and locally-sourced news for local and global audiences.
Illustrators and Designers
Global Press is looking to expand our visual footprint by recruiting freelance illustrators and interactive designers to join the Global Press Accuracy Network.
Non-English Language Copy Editors
Global Press copy editors will be tasked with editing news articles for publication, ensuring proper local language grammar, sentence structure, spelling and news writing style.
Non-English Language Fact Checkers
Global Press is recruiting non-English language fact checkers to fact check articles produced for our local-language audiences.
Oral Interpreters
Global Press is recruiting expert interpreters to help interface between English and the languages of our local reporters.
Translator (English to Spanish, Mexico)
We are looking for a native Spanish-speaker from Mexico to provide specific context, nuance and vocabulary to ensure Global Press Journal stories are well-received and clearly understood by our growing readership in Mexico.
Global Press is recruiting expert translators to serve our local language audiences.