Redefining International Journalism
About Global Press

Global Press exists to create a more just and informed world by training and then employing local journalists to produce ethical, accurate news coverage from the world’s least-covered places.

Global Press is dedicated to reinventing both the craft and business of international journalism.

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Global Press Institute (GPI) hosts rigorous journalism trainings for local people in the least-covered parts of the world. The GPI curriculum equips trainees with world-class, professional journalism skills including reporting methods, photojournalism and ethical decision-making.

Global Press Journal (GPJ) employs 100 percent of GPI’s training graduates. At GPJ, reporters receive strong salaries, health benefits and paid family leave. They are tasked with producing unique, comprehensive coverage of their communities for local and global audiences.

Global Press News Services (GPNS), is the products and services division of Global Press. GPNS offers select clients access to more than a dozen products and services and distributes GPJ stories to reach more than 20 million readers in 100 countries every month.